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Boley Tool & Machine

Mr Warren Boley called in the afternoon on a Tuesday with a problem. He needed a junk machine moved out of the shop and simply put out of the way in the storage yard. Then he needed another machine moved into the spot where the first one came from. Oh yeah, he needed this done on Thursday morning (yes, the same week - two days hence). Could we do that?

Geoff Underwood was on the job site to scope the work within an hour and figured a way to shuffle people and equipment so we could be on the job when they opened at six AM on Thursday.

Our guys were there and the job was done by about 10 AM Thursday. They proved once again that we live by, “Whatever it takes”!


We need for this machine to be back there in that empty spot.


OK - I’ve got it now, why don’t everyone get out of the way


I think that will do - don’t you?

Getting the old machine out and creating the empty spot, then moving the new machine into the hole - not bad for something to do before morning break!