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Caterpillar - Mossville, IL

IPM Corp. is the turnkey contractor for lubrication, machine cleaning, lubricant and solution sampling, filter media changing, and etc., etc., etc. at the Caterpillar Mossville, IL Plant. We work closely with the Caterpillar manufacturing people, met lab people, oil and lubricant supplier, and anyone else we can to make it a better place to work. Our employees assume ownership of their realm of responsibility and are constantly searching for ways to improve methods and procedures to operate more efficiently.

Frank Horvath

Chad Cooley

Frank Horvath Chad Cooley

General Supervisor, Lubrication and Preventive Maintenance, all shifts. Frank says he sure was glad when they told him that he was just responsible for all three shifts but he didn’t really have to stay there all three shifts - he really could go home occasionally (but not to get used to it).

Day shift supervisor. Chad was at Degussa and now is on the Mossville management team. He says the jury is still out as to whether it is better working for Frank or working for himself. Most of the time though he will admit, Frank is a little easier to get along with.

We have supervisors on second and third shifts and as soon as we can catch up with them we’re going to post their pictures too.


Two IPM Corp employees out checking and doing.

Mossville 1 Mossville 2

Some of the oil storage areas at the Mossville Plant.

Mossville 3 Mossville 7
Mossville 8 Mossville 10
Mossville 11 Mossville 12

Some of the equipment we use to help keep the place going. More is visible in some of the other pictures also.

Mossville 5 Mossville 6

Clean filter media in and dirty filter media out. This is one of the filter units that IPM Corp. is responsible for at the Mossville Plant.

Mossville 4 Mossville 13