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A message from Chuck Heady

Chuck Heady


These two buttons at the top will take you to two of our lubrication management and preventive maintenance clients; Caterpillar and Evonik Degussa. Click these to meet more of our IPM Corp. people and to learn more of our relationships with our clients.

My responsibilities involve Marketing, Contract Maintenance, and Lubrication Management and Preventive Maintenance Contracts. Boy, doesn’t that sound impressive? If only I was qualified to do all this, I’m sure John LaReau and I would both sleep better at night. Just read on though. I’m sure somewhere you’ll be impressed.

We believe in good lubrication management and preventive maintenance as a way to prevent emergency breakdowns. In fact, we believe you can eliminate most, if not all, emergency breakdowns, by having good Lube Management and Preventive Maintenance programs. This is something we all already accomplish with our cars - we follow a regular maintenance schedule and rarely, if ever, are we stranded. If we can do that with a car; why don’t we do it in our factories with much more expensive machinery.

The third button on this page (at the bottom) is a PDF file of several papers and articles I have collected, with facts and figures supporting this opinion. It will take a little time to study this file, but if you are a frustrated company owner or plant engineer; you will understand why it is time well spent after you're finished with it. You can print the whole thing and look at it as you have a little time here and there, or I will bring you a bound booklet when we meet face to face sometime in the future.

I’ve been in the maintenance and repair business almost all my working career (way more years than I like to admit) and I’ve never seen a lube management and PM program yet that couldn’t be improved. I think we’ve found the best way that I have ever seen to improve any program. The Lube-It software package is above and beyond anything I have ever seen. This is one ‘work improvement’ method that you simply must see if the word ‘improvement’ is in your vocabulary!

After reading and absorbing some of this info, call me - (309) 370-7838. We’ll discuss your particular situation. Don’t worry about getting bombarded with a high pressure sales pitch. I wouldn’t know how to do that even if I wanted to. You’ll find that I’m just an old, half-broken down maintenance guy that really enjoys meeting new folks and shooting the, uh, breeze. We’ll discuss your present situation, and if IPM Corp. can help you improve; we’ll take it to the next level. If we can’t help; we'll shake hands and part ways. If this happens we’ll both know we've made a new friend and we may both realize we learned a little something.

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